Invest in a Wine Refrigerator Today!

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Invest in a Wine Refrigerator Today!

If you’re a wine enthusiast and have started to build up a collection of interesting bottles, the problem of storage will doubtless have raised its head. While storage in a domestic refrigerator or wine racks is fine for the time between purchasing a bottle and drinking the contents, if you’re planning on keeping wine for longer then something more suitable is needed to keep the wine in perfect condition.

The traditional answer is, of course, an underground wine cellar, but very few people are lucky enough to live in a home with one. The average basement, if you have one, could be pushed into service and is better than nothing, but for the serious wine lover, it’s worth investing in a dedicated piece of equipment to keep your collection at its peak: the refrigerated wine cabinet.

Wine Refrigerator Benefits

– Specialist wine refrigerators keep your wine at the optimum temperature for storage. This is generally a few degrees higher than is used in a domestic refrigerator, which needs a lower temperature to stop foods from spoiling.

– They can have different temperature zones for different wines, so you can keep your whites at a lower temperature than your reds, for example.

– Dedicated wine coolers aren’t opened and shut as often as general-use refrigerators, and so are able to keep a more consistent temperature.

– High-end models will also feature humidity control. Domestic fridges tend to dry out the air inside them, which can cause cork shrinkage and spoil the wine.

– The shelving will be perfectly designed for storing wine bottles neatly, and on their sides to keep the corks in good condition.

– With a wine refrigerator, special attention is usually paid toward keeping the vibrations from the cooling system to a minimum. Wine needs to be kept as stable as possible, and excessive vibration can agitate the wine and disturb any sediment it contains.

– Wine is extremely sensitive to ultraviolet light, which a domestic refrigerator’s interior lighting can generate. Specialist wine fridges use special LED lighting to avoid this problem.

All these advantages make it clear that if you’re beginning to take a serious interest in wine, and are laying bottles down for future enjoyment or investment purposes, then a quality wine refrigerator will be an investment that repays itself far into the future.

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