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Impress Your Friends with Wine Ice Cream

Have you ever sipped on a glass of sweet white wine and thought, “this is almost a dessert in itself?” Why not take things a step further, with homemade wine ice cream? This simple recipe is not only easy to make, but it serves as...


How to Save an Open Bottle of Wine

Popping the cork on your wine bottle starts the oxidation process, which is why it’s always preferable to consume your alcohol on the same day it’s been opened. Of course, sometimes it simply isn’t possible to enjoy a full bottle, and you don’t want a...


How to Store Your Wine Bottles

No matter whether you enjoy a nightly glass of wine or you’re more of a special occasion drinker, it’s important to store your wine bottles properly. Not only will properly stored wine bottles take up less space in your home, but you’ll also be protecting the...

cook with wine

Cook with Wine: Boeuf Bourguignon

Pairing a delicious glass of wine with your dinner is one of life’s sweetest joys, but many home chefs feel reluctant to actually cook with wine. Adding a dash of wine to your white sauce is one thing, but making wine the star of the...

wine cocktails

3 Simple Wine Cocktails to Try this Summer

While pouring a tall glass of wine straight from the bottle carries undeniable appeal, the summer months are the perfect time to experiment with wine cocktails. These refreshing beverages make the perfect addition to a picnic in the park or a afternoon around the backyard...