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decant wine

Why and How to Decant Wine

In the world of wine, a new adventure comes with the pop of every cork. While it can be hard to keep from drinking a new bottle right away, it may be worth the wait to decant wine first before drinking. Why should you decant wine...

wine taste better

Three Easy Ways To Make Wine Taste Better

For so many wine lovers, the dream is to own a huge cellar stocked from floor to ceiling with racks of exquisite vintages, each more rare and expensive than the last. The reality, though, is that for most, a top-quality wine is an infrequent treat....

wine bottle

6 Ways To Decorate With A Wine Bottle

You have probably seen a wine bottle turn into a candle holder, but there are classier ways to integrate your favorite beverage containers into your home décor. A few cleverly used wine bottles can transform your interior décor and turn any room into a real...


The Truth About Alcohol Reduction in Wine

It may surprise you to know that the reasonably priced wine you've been drinking the last few years probably had its alcohol content actively reduced. There are several reasons a winery might want to remove some of the alcohol from their varietals. Lower Alcohol Content There is currently a...


Matching Food and Wines

For thousands of years — as long as human beings have had it — wines have been a constant source of amazement.   The earliest wine aficionados appreciated the fact that it was more sanitary to drink than most sources of water. The Romans were shocked that...