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Planning A Wedding With Wine!

A wedding is the most important event that can happen between two people…   Even in Biblical days, wine was an important part of every wedding. If you recall Jesus’ first miracle, he was asked to bring in more wine, when the festivity’s supplies were running low!...


“Fire” Our Newest Baby!

FIRE!  A MUST!   This new, heart-warming wine has already been getting rave reviews….a delicious blend of Sangiovese, Zinfandel, and Syrah.  Take a short drive to our vineyard over the weekend for a taste of FIRE!   Our welcoming tasting room is beautifully decorated for the holidays, with many...


RECIPE — “Dark Chocolate Mulled Wine Sauce”

THE K.I.S.S. PRINCIPLE (Keep It Simple, Sweetheart)…FOR THE HOLIDAYS!   THERE IS ALWAYS SOOOOO MUCH TO DO DURING THE SEASON… So we at OAK CREEK VINEYARDS & WINERY have decided to provide you with some simple recipes (using wine in ways you may not have thought of), to...


Hosting A Holiday Wine Tasting Party!

Hosting a wine tasting is a fun way to spend time with family and friends and to learn more about different types of wine. Here are a few ideas for a successful wine tasting party.   What a fabulous way to bring people together for the holidays…something...


Tis’ The Wine Season To Be Merry!

OAK CREEK VINEYARD’S TASTING ROOM IS FULL OF DECORATIONS, HOLIDAY FOOD & SNACKS, WINE & WINE ACCESSORIES!   Every day is a GIFT and people ‘pay it forward’ on a regular basis.  Somehow, though, this time of the year seems to provide us with more opportunities to be more of...