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wine tasting party

Host a “Blind” Wine Tasting Party

Whether you are looking for an excuse to have a party, an excuse to show off your wine expertise to all your friends, or just an excuse to drink, a "blind" wine tasting party might be just what you are looking for. Of course, you could...


Grapes Contain Compounds That Fight Disease

Enjoyed by millions for many centuries, grapes are one of the oldest and best-known foods in the world. Widely regarded as a fruit, the grape is actually classified by taxonomists as a berry. With 7.5 million hectares of grapes growing worldwide, and  close to 8...

dinner party

3 Ways to Serve Wine At Your Dinner Party

Your dinner party is just hours away. Standing in the wine aisle, you suddenly realize you have no idea which wine to choose. But, do not panic. Impress your guests by following these simple tips to serving the perfect wine to complement any menu. Pairing Wine...

wine refrigerator

Invest in a Wine Refrigerator Today!

If you're a wine enthusiast and have started to build up a collection of interesting bottles, the problem of storage will doubtless have raised its head. While storage in a domestic refrigerator or wine racks is fine for the time between purchasing a bottle and...

wine and cheese

How To Host A Wine and Cheese Party

What better time to entertain friends than when the weather starts to cool down? One of the simplest, least time-consuming yet most popular fall and holiday gatherings is a wine and cheese party. Unlike a dinner party or cocktail-and-hors d’oeuvres party, you’ll only need a...